A journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step. Lao-tzu

Muscle Building and Toning

At MAX Personal Training, we can put together holistic programs that will tone, build, and shape your muscles. Whether you are looking for 6 pack abs or bulging biceps, or long lean shapely legs we will put together a program that will help you achieve your desired results in a full body balanced approach.

Our individualized programs consist of a combination of strength and cardiovascular training teamed with healthy nutritional food plans. We believe that it is only possible to permanently achieve your results by a combination of all three.

You do not need a gym with full equipment. We will show you how to achieve the results at home with a set of basic equipment that can fit in a small wardrobe.

There are no magic pills or supplements  just good healthy proven tools and techniques to get results fast and improve your overall health in the meantime!


Client Story

Meet another one of our clients who has achieved fantastic results, Matt

Matt is an investment banker in  London who works hard and plays even harder. Matt used to be athletic - playing football in his university days.

Before MAX Personal Training

Before he came to MAX Personal Training, Matt had lost his athletic look. For the last 6 months, Matt had not really done anything athletic. Most of Matt's meals were sandwiches or take away food. As a result of the nightly pint or two of beer at the pub, he was developing the dreaded 'beer belly'.

While at MAX Personal Training

Matt came to MAX Personal Training with a goal to lose the 'beer belly' and get 6 pack abs. He also wanted improved muscle tone and fitness so that he can pick up the odd weekend football game in the park.

His trainer, Max completed a full health and fitness assessment with Matt and put together a fitness and nutritional plan for him.

Matt met with Max twice a week for 1 month. Once a week, Matt would meet Max for a lunchtime run along the paths of the River Thames. Then, another day of the week, Max would come to Matt's house for a strength training session.

Matt followed the MAX Personal Training plan which included additional cardiovascular and strength training sessions every week. In addition, he made changes to his diet reducing the take-aways and pints.

The Results

As a result, in 1 month, Matt:

  • dropped his body fat by 5%
  • lost a total of 3 inches around his waist
  • lost 10 pounds
  • gained muscle tone in his abs, biceps, and legs

His Words

"I was away on a beach holiday with some mates when I noticed how big my gut had got. It was embarrassing. I got tired of trying to hold it in the whole holiday and figured it was time to do something about it. I set up some sessions with Max. He told me that I would need to change my eating habits a bit and get moving. At first I thought that this was going to be too hard with my schedule and personal life, but he showed me how to make it work. Yes, I did have to give up some of the pints and curries, but it was worth it when I saw the results. After working with him for a month, I saw some real changes in my body - even my mates started making comments. I have managed to keep up with the plan for 3 months on my own. I would definitely suggest you give Max a try!"



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