“A journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step.” Lao-tzu

Charity Run or Marathon Preparation

Whether you are preparing for a charity run, marathon, or other type of sports event, MAX personal training has trainers that can make sure you are 'fighting fit' in time for the event. As some of our trainers have been involved in semi-professional sports, they can design programs that will get you in shape fast.

Our trainers will work with you to chart out a program that will include cardiovascular training building you up over time. This training will be supplemented with regular strength training and changes to your nutritional plan to get your body functioning at its top level to allow you to get into shape safely and quickly.

Most importantly, our trainers will be there to support and motivate you along the training process to make sure you don't get off plan.

Client Reference:

“Having tried and failed with other personal trainers in the past, I was determined to set a goal when I began training with Max. It was a 10km race.

In the space of just 8 weeks, with Max’s coaching and advice, I was already running 9km and felt strong and confident of reaching my goal.

Max’s encouragement enabled me to reach a stretch target and his ability to push me to my limit accelerated my fitness regime immeasurably.

Aside from the fitness goal, I have also lost eight pounds and have more energy than ever before. Despite my busy schedule, Max was flexible enough to meet me early in the morning to complete the training and I would not have achieved such great results without him.

I would recommend Max as a personal trainer to anyone with a fitness goal or intent on improving their health. “

Sinead Mhuircheartaigh (Consultant)



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