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Wedding and Event Preparation

Whether you are planning a wedding or getting ready for another special event where you will be the center of attention, you want to look the your very best.

MAX Personal Training can designed an individual plan for you to achieve your goals and look gorgeous for all the pictures.

We understand it is a busy time for you, so we will work with you to fit your training and program into your schedule and make the most of the time you do have. We will even design a couples program so that both the bride and groom look fantastic!


Client Story

Meet one of our clients who has achieved fantastic results, Katie

Katie was planning to get married in 6 months. She was busy working full time and attending classes part-time. She wanted to look her best for her wedding but was very short on time.

Before Max Personal Training

Before she came to MAX Personal Training, she was would exercise occasionally by taking some walks in parks . She tended to eat most of her meals 'on the go'. Most of her meals were pre-prepared and processed.

Katie wasn't majorly overweight, but didn't look as good as she had in the past.

While with MAX Personal Training

Katie came to MAX Personal Training with a goal to lose 25 pounds and tone up her body for the wedding in 6 months.

Her trainer, Max completed a full health and fitness assessment with Katie and put together a fitness and nutritional plan for her.

Katie met with Max once a week for 5 months. Max would sometimes meet Katie at home or in a neighborhood park. Sometimes, Katie would meet Max at a gym near her home.

In addition, Katie followed the Max Personal Training plan which included additional cardio and strength training sessions every week. In addition, she made changes to her diet.

The Results

As a result, in 5 months, Katie:

  • dropped her body fat percentage by 10%
  • lost a total of 12 inches
  • dropped 3 dress sizes
  • lost 35 pounds
  • toned up her abs, arms and legs

Her Words

"It was really important to me that I looked my best for my wedding. When I got engaged and started trying on the dresses, I started to get down on how I looked in them. I decided to do something about it. I started working with Max. He was really supportive. However, he was also tough on me when I started to stray from the plan. He was really flexible and worked around my really busy schedule with work, classes, and wedding planning. Most importantly, he helped me shape up and lose the weight! My husband said I looked absolutely stunning on the wedding day. Thank you Max!"




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